2019 Schedule

Please RSVP for you and your guests in advance as seating is limited.

Jan 7. – Subluxation Defined
Jan 14. – Workstation Design – Ergonomics for the Chiropractic Patient
Jan 21. – Torque Release Technique for Precision Chiropractic Adjusting
Jan 28. – Self Care Posture Exercises for the Chiropractic Patient

Feb 4. – Lifetime Care for your Spine and Nervous System
Feb 11. – Address Stress – The Power of Calm
Feb 18. – Spinal Cord Pressure vs Spinal Cord Tension – Your Subluxation Diagnosis
Feb 25. – Chiropractic Patient Interactive – Mind-Body growth with the practice of Falun Gong (refreshments served and with special guest, Dr. Torley)

Mar 4. – Good News, Bad News – Chiropractic Care Without Fear (Dr. Pozzebon)
Mar 11. – The Aftermath from the 2018 ICPA Summit. Dr. Magwood’s Research Highlights From The World’s Most Caring Pediatric Organization
Mar 16. – Chiropractic Cranial Techniques – Experiencing the Rhythm of the Nervous System
Mar 23. – Developmental Milestones – How Subluxated Kids Become Subluxated Adults

Apr 1. – Your First Subluxation – Chiropractic Care From Cradle to Grave.
Apr 8. – Spinal Rehabilitation – Clinical Pilates for the Chiropractic Patient
Apr 15. – Motion Palpation and the Art of Feeling the Spine
Apr 22. – Strengthen Your Core on the Floor – Your Back Will Thank You
Apr 29. – Chiropractic Patient Interactive – Chiropractic Patients tell their Story (refreshments served!)

May 6. – The Calling of Your Chiropractor in a Changing Health Care Climate
May 13. – Pain Has a Purpose – Understanding the Role of Inflammation
May 20. – Auriculotherapy – Detecting Vertebral Subluxation Through Nerve Points on the Ear

Jun 3. – Time, Frequency and Intensity for a Successful Chiropractic Care Plan
Jun 10 – Keep Fit While You Sit
Jun 17. – Communication Through Touch and the Power of the Chiropractic Adjustment
Jun 24. – Breathing Well to Combat Stress – The Simplest Thing You Take For Granted

Jul 8. – How Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins Threaten Your Health…And How to Clear Their Effects
Jul 15. – Interpreting Your Spinal MRI – You Are Not Your Diagnosis
Jul 22. – The Integrator – The Origins of the Most Precise Chiropractic Adjusting Tool (BTW, this is not that thing you had done once by some chiropractor!)
Jul 29. – Chiropractic Patient Interactive – What You Heard Might Not Be True about Chiropractic Care. (refreshments served with laughter about the absurdities we debunk as chiropractors)

Aug 5. – Your Primary Subluxation – A Lesson in “Less is More” Healing
Aug 12. – From Backpack Safety to Pocketbook Safety…Your Rules for Spinal Hygiene
Aug 19. – The Functional Leg Length Reflex (FLLR) – The Chiropractic Key to Checking for Neurological Interference
Aug 26. – Chiropractic Patient Interactive – What Your Other Doctor Prescribed. (refreshments served with your tales of how you found chiropractic)

Sep 9. – Annual Strategic Planning – Redirecting Your Chiropractic Lifestyle to Grow in 2019
Sep 16. – Ergonomic Workstation Design – Your HR Department Will Love Your Chiropractor’s Consulting Work
Sep 23. – Torque Release Technique for Special Populations – Are You Feeling Special Today?
Sep 30. – Completing the Circuit – Clearing the Nervous System to Express Your Full Potential

Oct 7. – The Detox Project – Clearing The Toxic Load in Your Daily Living.
Oct 14. – The Subluxation Station – The Neurological Measure of Health and Adaptability
Oct 21. – Inheriting Subluxations – Learn to Quick Scan Posture of Your Family
Oct 28. – Chiropractic Patient Interactive – Get Your Questions Answered on Dr. Magwood’s Podcast

Nov 4. – Subluxation Defined – As Taught by Dr. Magwood and his Chiropractic Kids Team.
Nov 11. – Safe Lifting for the Hard Working Chiropractic Patient
Nov 18. – Torque Release Technique – The Best of First Century Chiropractic and the Latest Research
Nov 25. – Chiropractic Patient Interactive – Giving Thanks for Health (refreshments served with our guest of honor).

Dec 2. – Time, Frequency and Intensity – Goal Setting to Squeeze More out of your Chiropractic Care.
Dec 9. – Address Stress – The Power of Calm – Holiday Edition
Dec 16. – An Introduction to Pathways Connect – Visit our Club for Crunchy Moms (and Dads)
Dec 23. – Pancake Breakfast (Details to come)